Monday, September 26, 2011

{scholastic book orders}

If you would like to place a book order using the online ordering, you can order from several catalogs that I will include each month.  Our class will get a free book for each order placed online.  I am happy to take your checks, if that is more convenient.  Please send the order form back to school with one check written out to Scholastic Book Clubs.    
Click here to order!
If you wish to order online, please go to Register your student(s) and enter the code HRQ8C for our class.  Order away!  If you happen to place an order and you are not in our class or I do not know you, I will consider the books a donation to our classroom. :)

Thank You Registered & Protected


story time {stone soup} & {growing vegetable soup}

Print your own felt board set - found here.

We talked about what the soldiers and villagers told each other and whether it was the truth or not.

We read this fun book and shared about the gardens we have at each of our own homes. Registered & Protected


vehicles {sorting vehicles & four big machines}

We played "It is or it Isn't" and sorted vehicles into two categories: boats and not boats Registered & Protected


{A-Maize-ing Corn Plant - science exploration week 3 - part 1} Registered & Protected


{all about me} and {QOTW} Registered & Protected


{letter v} games & activities

Make a V
The teacher names a word.  If it begins with the /v/ sound, students form a V with their craft sticks {or glue sticks if the craft sticks have been misplaced.}

Vases of Vs
Students choose a v flower and place it behind the correct vase {uppercase vs. lowercase.}  At the end, we checked to make sure we placed them all in the correct place and fixed those that needed to be corrected.

On the Vine
Students choose a letter.  If the letter is a V, place it on the vine. Registered & Protected


Saturday, September 17, 2011

{all about me} and {QOTW}

This might be my favorite part of preschool each week.  I love the answers that my students give.  I had to catch up on a couple from last week and one of my own girls told me her last name was her phone number.  Gotta love 3-year-olds!  At least she knows our number. :) Registered & Protected


{letter c} games & activities

Tray of Cookies {Beginning Sound}
Choose a cookie that begins with the /k/ sound.

Cucumber Picking {Letter Recognition}
Choose the letter "C" off the vine.

Carrot Patch {Uppercase & Lowercase}
Choose a carrot & place it in the correct basket.

Hungry Cats {Letter Formation}
Place your kitty at the beginning of the letter C.

Your kitty travels on the path to get to the bowl of food.

A student rings a bell and calls "Here kitty, kitty" to prompt other students to feed their kitties.

{I don't have any printables this week.  My external hard drive is acting up, so I can't get any of my documents printed off.  I will update it once I am able - crossing my fingers it's only a temporary glitch! UPDATE: I was able to get my files this morning, thank goodness!  Enjoy!} Registered & Protected