Friday, October 28, 2011

{halloween activity} party & parade

My Morning Preschool Class

My Afternoon Preschool Class + my girls

Don't Eat the Witch!

Pumpkin Bowling

Various covered tin cans for the eyeball bounce

Eyeball Bounce

Fine Motor Skill - spider & skull rings

The Class
The Parade

My girls have had so much fun dressing up! Registered & Protected


{halloween activity} Five Little Ghosts

I saw this cute glove on Pinterest, so we made our own and the kids were able to retell the traditional "5 Little Ghosts" story.  Here is one.

This is a story I used years ago when I taught second grade, and my students still love it!
{find my printables here - search 5 Little Ghosts}

I just found this link with a couple more ghosts added into the mix, but it would be fun to serve chocolate chip ice cream after. Registered & Protected


{halloween activity} Five Little Pumpkins & a Counting Story

Print your own by clicking here.

This story was a favorite this year! Registered & Protected


{halloween activity} roll a jack-o-lantern

Roll a Jack-O-Lantern

I found this tutorial on Oopsey Daisy's blog and knew that I had to make it for preschool.  The kids had a lot of fun making their jack-o-lanterns.

Print onto the back of patterned scrapbook paper, cut out, mount on black cardstock

Jack-O-Lantern teeth - print on white cardstock, cut out, mount on black cardstock Registered & Protected


{all about me} and {QOTW} Registered & Protected


{halloween activity} monster match

I found these riddles on  Scroll down to "Halloween Monster Who Am I? Riddles I wanted my students to be able to match the riddles to a picture, so I found some not so scary pictures on the Internet. Registered & Protected