Friday, April 15, 2011

{april: week two}

Some Preschool Tidbits from this week:

Getting to Know the vowel sound /e/

Easter Vocabulary {writing word strips}
The photos were taken from Google searches to match Easter vocabulary.

I love this sentence from one of my students!

Jelly Bean Math {Sorting Jelly Beans by color and Graphing amounts}
This idea was taken from various sites on the Internet.  I made a couple different versions depending on the brand of Jelly Beans you use. The kids loved hunting for eggs and then sorting the colors. :)

Magic Eggs {Rhyming & Colors}
This idea was taken from Oopsey Daisy's Mommy School Easter packet, pgs. 23-24. {I didn't have time to make eggs out of felt, so if you print it on white card stock, it will work just fine.  The story is about an Easter Bunny who only had white eggs and needed to use magic to dye the eggs.  There are rhymes the teacher says to prompt the kids into guessing the color the egg will magically become.}

Voila!  A Rabbit! {Rabbit Action Cards using gross motor skills}
This idea was taken from the Education Center's Preschool Yearbook, 2006-2007, Page 300. {DETAILS.} 

Spring Peeps! {Ending Sound /z/}
This idea was taken from File Folder Fun's website. {We focused in the distinguishing between long e and short e sounds.  Students placed a "Peeping Chick" in the long e baskets and an "Egg" in the short e baskets.}

Earth Day {Taking care of our earth}

This idea was taken from ABC Teach - search Preschool Earth Day Badge.

High Frequency Word: is
Words Their Way: 
Selection 8: Humpty Dumpty

Color of the Month: Brown

Shape of the Month:  Oval Registered & Protected


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