Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snowman Arts & Crafts

I am very behind on updating this blog!  Here are a couple of snowman craft projects that we made in January.  We were sure hoping for some snow, but it wasn't to be, so we made our own snowmen indoors.

Last year we made puffy brown bears in preschool, but I learned a little bit about the "puffy paint" this time around - the more it is manipulated, the less stable it is.  I didn't play with mine at all, and it puffed up more and was firm.  The students who really enjoyed spreading the puff paint around ended up with more flaky "snow" or something in between.  The basic recipe for this project is white Elmer's glue & shaving cream.  I have added paint before, but we didn't need to for our snowmen.

This snowman was  made of shapes to review those we have focused on so far this year. Registered & Protected


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