Thursday, September 30, 2010

{september: week four}

 Each week builds on the previous, so I will leave the links from the week before if they apply.

Good Morning Song

Alphabet Practice
I found these very cute flashcards from Homemade by Jill's blog.
Click here to find out how to download your own! 
Each student will have their own set by the end of the preschool year.

Friday, September 24, 2010

{september: week three}

 Each week builds on the previous, so I will leave the links from the week before if they apply.

Good Morning Song

Pledge of Allegiance

Print here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

{september: week two}

 Each week builds on the previous, so I will leave the links from the week before if they apply.

Good Morning Song

Calendar Corner: 
What's the Weather & Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow 
I paid $10.00 to get some ABC themed printables and ideas and my greatest find in the PDF download was the calendar "accessories."  You can search for them for free, but I wanted to download everything at once. 
  Days of the Week Song

Monday, September 13, 2010

{september: week one}

We had a very fun first week at Preschool!  
We got to know each other, we sang lots of songs and explored our classroom!

Good Morning Song

Welcome Poem
To learn each others' names.
Calendar Corner: 

Word Work: Sort One
Fruit/Not a Fruit
Link is for the more current version.  LOVE this spelling program.  
I used it when I taught 4th grade and the way that kids increase their vocabulary and learn how words work is amazing!

Nursery Rhyme: 
Here is an MP3 of the song, though we sing to a different version.

ABC Song 
We practiced singing the ABC song to make sure all the students were familiar with it and could sing most of the letters in order. We did pretty good!
Colors Introduction
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Puppets Patterns in Black & White or Color

 Number Concept
Zero - Very basic. We drew a couple zeros and during snack time we talked about the goldfish crackers that we had.  When we had one left, we all ate them at the same time and talked about how we had zero left.


Word Family Chunk

Free Explore
Students have a few options as to what they would like to do during this time, and I had the Farm Play Mat available for them with farm animals and fences.
Click here to make your own!

Clean Up
Clean Up - Possible Song
Clean Up Song 
Lyrics,  MP3

Goodbye Song
So Long Now
Song #50

Saturday, September 4, 2010

We Still Have Spots Available

We still have spots available for students!  You can call my cell phone anytime {see contact section on sidebar} If I don't answer, I will call you back as soon as I am able! 

I have added a sibling discount price to our payment options at the end - you will save $10.00 each month for the whole year!  

We have a few new additions to our classroom!
Art Station
Our Class Pet: A Fish
Circle Time Rug
And I exchange 2 red tables for 1 blue and . . .
. . . 1 white.  Chairs to come soon!

 Thank you and I look forward to teaching your children!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back-to-School Open House

Tonight was our very first back-to-school night for our preschool!

My girls were very excited to meet their new friends and we were able to show the classroom to one of our students and talk with her sisters and her dad.  I was wondering if I should even have an open house being this new and this small to start, but I am so glad that I did!  I know that new experiences can be so exciting, but the experiences usually come with a little apprehension of the unknown.  So, it was great to get a little of that unknown out of the way. :)

I didn't take pictures  - mostly because I do not have permission to post, but I do have pictures of my girls and the classroom. It is still in the works, but we got a lot out of the way today getting ready for the Open House and the City Inspection {which we passed with flying colors.}  The girls remembered the Fire Marshall from our meeting yesterday - he gave them "bracelets" while I requested our Home Occupation permit.  {aka rubber bands}

Here are the pictures:

My Bug & Bean ready for the Open House
{Punch} & Cookies

Playing with Pattern Blocks at the new preschool table.
We accidentally got 3 red tables {my fault}, so we'll exchange two:
one for white and one for blue.
We have an awesome business sponsor who will help us get
matching chairs for each of our tables!

The Book Nook.
We are going to cover the existing pillows with
another fabric that matches our room. 
We also need to add labels to our classroom items.

The Calendar Station - still in the works.
Can't wait to start school on Tuesday!!
Thanks to my Mother-In-Law for sending over art paper and fun posters and to my sweet husband for hanging up hardware and for making me a whiteboard to my specifications!