Friday, October 8, 2010

{october: week one}

 Each week builds on the previous, so I will leave the links from the week before if they apply.

Good Morning Song

Calendar Corner: 
  Days of the Week Song  & lyrics

Clementine Days of the Week lyrics

We read the story Today is Monday this week and it was a lot of fun hearing the days of the week that we have been hearing about for the past month!
  It's even more fun that it is a song!  Ms. Carlie just sang it to us, but here is the link to Dr. Jean.
Lyrics by Dr. Jean - Today is Sunday
Click on Dr. Jean & Friends

Weather Bear made his first appearance and the kids LOVE him.

 Number Concept

Pom Pom Jar

Alphabet: Letter D

We had a lot of fun with the letter D this week.

Time to Dust
We used a duster and as we dusted our choice item (a doll, a dinosaur, a dolphin a dog or a duck)
we repeated the following, emphasizing the /d/ sound:
"Dust, dust, dust that dusty doll."
~The Mailbox, Circle Time From A to Z

Where is D?
I made duck stick puppets and each child was able to sing the song, Where is Thumbkin asking about the letter D in its place.  They loved hiding the ducks behind their backs and singing!
~The Mailbox, Circle Time From A to Z

The Doctor is In
I had several cutouts of the letter D, but they were broken.  Students had to work together to fix each D to make a capital letter.
~The Mailbox, Circle Time From A to Z

Word Work - Sort #5
Food Concept Sort - We sorted play food into groups the first day.  We groups the foods into similar categories: breads, beverages, veggies & fruits.  The second day we sorted our picture cards.

Nursery Rhyme: 
 Little Miss Muffet homework & Itsy Bitsy Spider art project
We talked a little bit about spiders this week as Halloween is approaching!
We ran out of time to color Little Miss Muffet, so it went home as homework.

My students enjoyed coloring their own house and then we added a "water spout" and a spider so the spider could act out the Itsy Bitsy spider poem. Find the printable here.

  Color: Yellow - Art Project
Free Explore

Word Family Chunk: -ap

Read Aloud & Story Board Story Time
Freight Train

Clean Up

Clean Up Song 
Lyrics,  MP3

Goodbye Song
So Long Now
Song #50

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