Friday, October 15, 2010

{october: week two}

 Each week builds on the previous, so I will leave the links from the week before if they apply.

We had only one day of preschool due to fall break, so we didn't get everything in that we usually do!

Good Morning Song

Calendar Corner: 
  Days of the Week Song  & lyrics

Clementine Days of the Week lyrics

Lyrics by Dr. Jean - Today is Sunday
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Weather Bearhasn't changed his clothes much at all!
We talk about what he would have worn the day before or if it rains like the forecast predicts.

Alphabet: Letter E

We had a lot of fun with the letter E this week.

E Like Eagle
We flew around the like eagles, using our arms as wings.  Then each student got to hold their own eagle on a stick & flew the eagle around.  We sang a song to the tune of the farmer in the dell - One Sound of E is /e/ (long e).  Then we lumbered around like elephants and changed our song making the E a short /e/.
~The Mailbox, Circle Time From A to Z

Elf Helpers
I told the kids that some elves needed their help to put some E's together.  They were in pieces! Each student received their own color and practiced making the capital letter E.  After some practice, we glued them onto a large art paper.  Some students chose to decorate their E's while they waited for others to finish.
~The Mailbox, Circle Time From A to Z

Word Work - Sort #2
I skipped the shape sort because I wasn't sure how the kids would do the first month of preschool sorting shapes.  The older kids really had the shapes down and we made it through the sort pretty quickly.
Poem: Fall is Falling
 We read the poem a couple times, talked about what some of the words meant and danced around the room like leaves.

Shape Snack: Triangle Pretzels
I got the idea for this here but we just made our snacks 2-dimensional. Once students made a triangle they could eat it & get more pretzels! 

Free Explore: Puzzles

Word Family Chunk: -ake

Math Concept
Since we played the game with pennies last week, we looked at an enlarged penny this week.  We talked about what we could see on the penny and compared the large one to real pennies.

Clean Up

Clean Up Song 
Lyrics,  MP3

Goodbye Song
So Long Now
Song #50

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