Friday, November 12, 2010

{november: week two}

Here are the details for this week:

Word Study: Words Their Way
Sort #7 -Here Are My Hands

Nursery Rhyme

We also worked on matching the numbers 1, 2 and 3 to the pictures of bags of wool: 1, 2 or 3 bags.
You can see that my girls haven't quite picked up the concept of drawing a line from one object to another.  :)  The older kids did great!

Word Family of the Week: -ee

Snack Time
We had pretzels again and practiced building squares, the letter I, and students wanted to try the letter H and triangles again.  They even combined their snacks this week and made larger squares.

Story Board
Five Little Monkeys
I decided to use props to act out this song and the kids kept asking to sing it again and again!  Each student was able to be the alligator at least once each day and they loved catching the monkeys that were swinging in the tree!

Color of the Month
We talked about things that can be purple and colored a page with many of the items on it.  

Free Explore
Last week the students were introduced to magnets. They explored them again this week and I asked questions this time to try to get them to think about why the magnets would pick the objects up. 
Thursday, I had a choice of several objects for each student to categorize on their science mat.  Once they made their guesses I gave them a magnet so they could test their hypotheses.  Most students' guesses were correct, but the key threw everyone off!
Art Project
This week we decorated our Purple Cats from Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle with purple paper cut into squares.

Math Mat
Turkey Math Mat
We used kernels of unpopped corn to place on the turkeys.  We rolled a die, counted the dots and then counted out that many kernels.

Holiday Recognition
Thursday was Veteran's Day and we tried to talk about it a little bit, but at the mention of the word Grandpa, most students just wanted to talk about their Grandma & Grandpas.  :) We read a couple of patriotic books and sang the Star Spangled banner.

Alphabet Letter I
We played a couple of fun games focusing on the sound of /i/.

Ice Cold Ice!
This idea was taken from the Education Center's Circle Time from A to Z, we played a little sound recognition game with pictures that begin with the /h/ sound.  There were a few that did not begin with the correct sound.  If it did, we all called out, "Hay is for Horses" and we said the /h/ sound a few extra times so we could hear it.

Dairy Delight
Using the same book above {the Education Center's Circle Time from A to Z}we found a fun game called Dairy Delight.  Each student was able to choose a scoop of ice cream out of the ice cream bucket.  If there was a capital I on it, the student out it into the ice cream bowl and the class chanted the rhyme printed on the bowl.  If there was a different letter printed on the scoop of ice cream, we put the scoop into a pile on the rug and it was the next players turn.

Handwriting Practice
We learned how to form a letter I and practiced writing it on our chart.  Then we were able to practice on our own worksheet from this Mailbox activity book.


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