Friday, November 19, 2010

{november: week three}

Here are the details for this week:

Poem - Tommy the Turkey
We substituted each of our names for Tommy's name and we named more foods that are traditionally eaten at Thanksgiving dinner.

Word Study: Words Their Way
Sort #8a - I Can't Said the Ant

The students really liked the rhyming in this book.  We read the first several pages, then finished with a picture walk of the end.  This was the first week that the students took their own copy of the sort home so they could practice hearing the rhymes and then group them together.

Nursery Rhyme: Hey Diddle Diddle

Click here to order your own copy of the Poem of the Month

Rug Time Question: What are you thankful for?  "My family" & "My Mom & Dad" were the answers we got!

Snack Time
For snack time I surprised my students with a paper bag turkey.  They were sure that it was a real turkey. :)  I opened it and the snacked away!  My former neighbor Brittany has an amazing website called One Charming Party and a fun tutorial for the paper bag turkey.  Mine was thrown together pretty quickly & homemade popcorn did get popping oil on the bag making it less pretty, so store purchased popcorn would probably make your turkey much prettier.  Still, very easy to make!

 Story Time

Timmy the Turkey has a hard time being proud of himself, so he tries to look like the other animals that suggest that he look like them.  In the end he finds a way to be unique.  Find the story download here. (Scroll to the bottom.)

Game: Gobble!
This was a fun game!  I printed it from Oopsey Daisy's Thanksgiving packet.  Students are to draw a card from a bucket.  If they choose a turkey with a letter, they need to identify it by name. If they choose a turkey card that says Gobble!, the whole class gets to run around and Gobble like turkeys. 

Number Five
We added another pom pom to our pom pom jar and worked on writing the number 5.

Color of the Month: Purple
We had a "wear purple clothes" day to celebrate the color purple. 

Art Project
This was a very fun craft!  It's always fun to get paint all over your hands!  Check out the directions here.  We also added the poem suggested.

Number Sense
We counted feathers and matched the number to the digit on the turkey.  Find the printable for Turkey Feathers in Oopsey Daisy's Thanksgiving packet.

Alphabet Letter: J

We practiced making the letter J out of Wikki Stix

Handwriting Practice: J
We learned how to form a letter J and practiced writing it on our chart.  We practiced on our handwriting sheet, as well.


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