Friday, November 5, 2010

{november: week one}

Here are the details for this week:

Poem - I Have a New Friend
We got a new student this week and we had a great time singing our new poem while working on phoneme isolation.

 My students are beginning to memorize the Pledge of Allegiance!  So fun.  The first week we recited it, Ms. Carlie was almost the only voice!  Now, so many students have many of the words memorized.

Word Study: Words Their Way
Sort #6 - A Hunting We Will Go
This was fun trying to match the animal with a rhyming word card.  We practiced a few times.

Nursery Rhyme

Word Family of the Week: -eep

Poem of the Month

Rug Time Question: What is Thanksgiving?

Snack Time
Two Students helped out with Snack Time this week.  We enjoyed Graham Bunnies & Apple Juice Tuesday and Fish Crackers & Capri Suns on Thursday.  Thanks again!

Story Board
There were a few extra verses that I came across when I looked for the whole song.  I included them in the document below and cited my sources at the bottom of the page.  I just searched Google for the additional clip art images.  After we sang the entire song, students were able to come up and choose their favorite verse for the class to sing again.  They did not get tired of this song!
The Wheels on the Bus (Song)

Color of the Month
Ms. Carlie made purple grape Kool-Aid Play Dough using an awesome recipe found here.   It smells good, it is much easier to clean up and it really seems to stay moist much longer than your store bought version.  Students explored the play dough, figured out how to make balls and snakes and some even made pancakes.  There was a lot of fun discussion, sharing and teaching each other how to make items out of the dough. And clean up was great - everyone helped and cooperated!

Free Explore
This week the students were introduced to magnets.  This was the only activity the kids wanted to play with! They all worked together to share, take turns and to show each other what they discovered.
Art Project
We are a little behind on our Brown Bear Art Project since October was very busy with field trips & Halloween!  We colored our ducks yellow and then we used snippets of yellow pipe cleaners and outlined our yellow ducks.  We glued them on and they look fabulous!

Alphabet Letter H
We played a couple of fun games focusing on the sound of /h/.

Hay is for Horses
This idea was taken from the Education Center's Circle Time from A to Z, we played a little sound recognition game with pictures that begin with the /h/ sound.  There were a few that did not begin with the correct sound.  If it did, we all called out, "Hay is for Horses" and we said the /h/ sound a few extra times so we could hear it.

Hide-and-Seek or Sneaky H
Using the same book above {the Education Center's Circle Time from A to Z} and the same picture cards, we focused on the /h/ sound.  A student was supposed to choose a card with the beginning sound /h/ and pick up the card to see if a letter H was hiding behind it.

Handwriting Practice
We learned how to form a letter H and practiced writing it on our chart.  We all got to practice making our own H out of a Wikki Stix, too.  Then we were able to practice on our own worksheet.


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