Friday, December 17, 2010

{december: week three}

Here are the details for this week:

 Color of the Month: Green

We colored our frogs using green crayons.

Free Play: Stencils & {Green Play Dough}

Find the recipe I used for our play dough at My Little Gems.

Handwriting Practice
We learned how to form a letter M and practiced writing it on our chart.  We practiced on our handwriting sheet, as well.

It my my birthday this week, so I gave each student a treat that fit with our letter this week.  I didn't realize that these were not real M&Ms {Hershey brand} and they didn't have the M printed on each candy until I had brought them home.

Christmas Around the World
From ABC Teach - search "Christmas Booklet"

Poinsettia's from Mexico

Candles for Saint Lucia - tradition in Sweden

Treats in the shoes - tradition from France

We hung up stockings to see if they would be filled by the day of our party

Our stockings were filled! - tradition in England

We decorated gingerbread cookies - a tradition in Germany
Students played with a wooden Nativity - a tradition in Mexico

Grocery Bag Gingerbread Folk

Reindeer Day
We started off our Reindeer Day with Jingle Bell necklaces.  
We sang Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & then began our day.

Candy Cane Rudolph

For each reindeer you will need:
1 candy cane {we used mint chocolate}
1 brown/tan pipe cleaner {cut 1/3 off, then cut the 1/3 into 2 pieces}
2 googly eyes {ours were self-adhesive}

1 red mini pom pom

Twist large pipe cleaner around the reindeer's head in the antler position.  Bend.  Twist the smaller pieces on either end, twisting the larger piece also so the new piece doesn't fall off.  Add googly eyes.  Using hot glue, add red pom pom nose.  Tie a ribbon around Rudolph's neck.

Christmas Ornament for Parents
I originally got the idea for our Christmas Ornaments at How Does She? on her 10 Things to Do With a Block posting.  I was going through my craft drawers and forgot that my Grandma had given me a ton of blocks that were drilled through the center a few years ago when she moved.  They are a little smaller than 2x2 {1.25 x 1.25 inches}.  I painted them red, cut paper squares with my Creative Memories square punch, took pictures of the students wearing a Santa hat, and also printed a little label identifying the year it was gifted.  I did most of the work for the kids since we had a limited time left in preschool this week.  The only thing left was to Mod Podge their picture on, choose the color of ribbon and sand the edges.  I finished each ornament by adding a layer of Mod Podge to all sides.  Each student wrapped his or her own gift with aluminum foil and we added a tag for parents!

We read this poem and laughed at how silly it would be to wrap up a hippo.

A few days before, I had taken photos of each student in front of the Christmas Tree.  These are my girls. :)  I printed them to match the size of the wooden cube (1.25 inches square.)

Each student wrapped their parents' present using aluminum foil, ribbon & a tag.

Book Orders
Our first book order of the school year came this week and I love receiving book orders!  
I hope to have them available to order online soon!

My Gift to My Students

I want my students to have a great love of reading, so I gave them each 2 books for their Christmas gift from me.

Bookplate in each book - personalized for my students

"The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more you learn, the more places you'll go."
~Dr. Seuss, (I Can Read With My Eyes Shut) Registered & Protected


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