Thursday, December 2, 2010

{december: week one}

Here are the details for this week:

Weather Bear
We were finally able to dress Weather Bear in his winter gear!  We had some snow on the ground!

Poem -All About Firefighters
We have a field trip to the fire station next week, so we learned a bunch of vocabulary words that would help us to understand more about what Firefighters do at the fire station.  The first day we just talked about the picture cards and the second day the students were able to try to figure out which word fit best in the sentence.

Here is the text and answers for the sentence strips available for download on Scribd:
All About Firefighters (Sentence Strips)

Idea from The Mailbox 2007-2008 Yearbook, page 210

Word Study: Words Their Way
Sort #8b - Rhyming Words: Bug, Beet & Mop

The students really liked the silly rhyming in this book.  We read the first several pages, then finished with a picture walk of the end.  This was the first week that the students took their own copy of the sort home so they could practice hearing the rhymes and grouping them together.

Nursery Rhyme
We sang the Three Little Kittens rhyme over and over and found the letter "K" on our pages.  We talked about what mittens were, too.

Word Family of the Week: -e {not really a "word family"} :)
This week we made a circle as a class and walked around "Ring Around the Rosies" style and sang the words.  My class is so awesome and they all love each other.  It was a lot of fun and we had to try it a couple of extra times.

 Story Time - Five Little Ducks

Download your own printable at

Theme-Fire Safety
We listened to the smoke detector, talked about how to get out of our houses if there is smoke &/or fire practiced checking the door to see if it is hot, and we practiced "Stop, Drop & Roll."  The rolling was the best part! USFA Publications click on Sesame Street Fire Safety Station Color and Learn

Number Five
We added another pom pom to our pom pom jar and worked on writing the number 5.  We sang a fun song that helped us think about firefighting and firefighters a few times and we counted the number of firefighters we had each time.
We also recited the One, Two, Three, Four, Five rhyme to reinforce our counting to 5 skills. :)
 Print it our at

Color of the Month: Green

Preschool Shape Posters

Alphabet Letter K

We played a couple of fun games focusing on the sound of /k/.

 Lock and Keys
This idea was taken from the Education Center's Circle Time from A to Z.  Each student chose an upside-down key & if there was a letter K on it, he/she "unlocked" the lock with a /k/ sound.  One little girl was very disappointed that she kept choosing letters other than k. :) But she finally got some Ks.  Students still had to identify the letter that they picked {other than k}, but couldn't try it in the lock.  

This idea was taken from the Education Center's Storytime Time from A to Z.  This was a Kindergarten classroom, but since we have been working on rhyming for a few weeks now we matched the rhyming pictures & glued them in the correct square.

Handwriting Practice
We learned how to form a letter K and practiced writing it on our chart.  We practiced on our handwriting sheet, as well.


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