Friday, May 27, 2011

{may: week four}

{We took few pictures this last month of school, so there isn't much to share by way of photos!}
Ms. Carlie's Little Learners Preschool 2010-2011 Students
Our little program was a success even though my two little girls really didn't participate.  They pulled their chairs as close to me as possible and probably didn't sing one word of any of our songs, even though they know every one.  I will miss my preschool girls!  They are so smart and grew so much and I am excited to have one sibling next year and one other return.  Well, three will be back counting my own girls.  And we have many more students that are new!  We still have many spaces available and can't wait to add more.

More Program Practice: See last week's post

Preschool Certificates:  Calligraphy
Out of my 5 students, only one was moving up to Kindergraten. The rest will be attending preschool again next year.  I ordered certificates from Anderson's Alphabet U and wanted my student's names to look a bit fancy.  I searched on Google and found this Link to a Calligraphy sample and copied it to the best of my ability.  This summer our foreign exchange student is very good at calligraphy and she is going to share her talent with me. Next year I have some techniques & a little bit of skill.  Maybe.

Moving on Up Graduation Celebration:  Refreshments

I ran out of time and wasn't able to make treats like I had originally planned, so my girls picked out some colorful mini-cupcakes at the grocery store.  I wanted to dress them up a little and couldn't find any free cupcakes toppers online that I liked.  So I made my own . . .

Since our color theme ended up being purple, we cut our beautifully fragrant lilacs for the occasion.

Refreshments:  Cupcake Toppers

I made 4 different cupcake toppers using the same digital scrappin' elements that I have also used on this blog: Digital Papers & Elements: Shabby Princess Hop Scotch, Shabby Princess Hop Scotch + School Additions.  They are pretty busy - I would have edited them more if I had had a little more time.  But they did the job!

Cupcake Toppers - Preschool Grad

Spring Craft:  Parts of a Flower

We have been talking a lot about spring and the needs of plants.  For our final craft project, each student was able to cut out their own flower parts and glue them onto a background the color of their choice.  My girls did receive a little help from me, but they did a lot of it themselves.  I was very proud that all of my other students completed this project completely on their own.

Working hard

I helped Bug cut out most of her pieces, but she assembled her flower all by herself!

I helped Bean with her picture a bit more. :)

Teacher's Sample

High Frequency Word:

Vowels:  Long U

We did get a little bit of learning time in this week.  We talked about the vowel U.

Have a great summer!  
I am excited for a new school year beginning in the Fall! Registered & Protected


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