Friday, May 20, 2011

{may: week three}

{We took few pictures this last month of school, so there isn't much to share by way of photos!}

Project: Brown Bear, Brown Bear books
We have been reading our individual Brown Bear books and admiring the artwork we created months ago!  

We added photos of "children" and a "teacher" to our pages.

Color of the Month: Rainbow

Program Practice:  Each of Us is a Flower (listen here - maybe next year we can learn the sign language.)

We have been working on a couple of song for a few months now and we are now working on singing all the words correctly and singing loud enough that others can hear us clearly. :)  I made "cue cards" for the kids to read as we sing the songs for our parents next week.  All pictures were found through Google searches.

Program Practice:  May There Always Be Sunshine (alternate signs by Dr. Jean) Song downloads can be purchased here.

We also love this song.  I love Dr. Jean songs - really catchy & my kids love them.  They might drive adults crazy after awhile, but they are still great!  All pictures were found through Google searches.

Teddy Bear Picnic:  Rained out!

We still had our teddy bear picnic, but we had to do it indoors instead of outside.  We've had a lot of rain lately and even weather bear was dressed for the weather!

Each student brought their lunch or snacks to eat and the class ate on a picnic with their teddy bear or their favorite stuffed animal.  We had planned to play at the park the last 30 minutes of class, but instead the girls all played with my girls' doll house and had a great time!  I didn't even get any pictures of the picnic! Here is one shot of my Bug using the musical instruments during class before we went on the "picnic." We also sing a few different teddy bear songs to get us in the spirit of a teddy bear picnic!

High Frequency Word:

Vowels:  Long O Registered & Protected


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