Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back-to-School Open House

Tonight was our very first back-to-school night for our preschool!

My girls were very excited to meet their new friends and we were able to show the classroom to one of our students and talk with her sisters and her dad.  I was wondering if I should even have an open house being this new and this small to start, but I am so glad that I did!  I know that new experiences can be so exciting, but the experiences usually come with a little apprehension of the unknown.  So, it was great to get a little of that unknown out of the way. :)

I didn't take pictures  - mostly because I do not have permission to post, but I do have pictures of my girls and the classroom. It is still in the works, but we got a lot out of the way today getting ready for the Open House and the City Inspection {which we passed with flying colors.}  The girls remembered the Fire Marshall from our meeting yesterday - he gave them "bracelets" while I requested our Home Occupation permit.  {aka rubber bands}

Here are the pictures:

My Bug & Bean ready for the Open House
{Punch} & Cookies

Playing with Pattern Blocks at the new preschool table.
We accidentally got 3 red tables {my fault}, so we'll exchange two:
one for white and one for blue.
We have an awesome business sponsor who will help us get
matching chairs for each of our tables!

The Book Nook.
We are going to cover the existing pillows with
another fabric that matches our room. 
We also need to add labels to our classroom items.

The Calendar Station - still in the works.
Can't wait to start school on Tuesday!!
Thanks to my Mother-In-Law for sending over art paper and fun posters and to my sweet husband for hanging up hardware and for making me a whiteboard to my specifications!

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