Thursday, September 30, 2010

{september: week four}

 Each week builds on the previous, so I will leave the links from the week before if they apply.

Good Morning Song

Alphabet Practice
I found these very cute flashcards from Homemade by Jill's blog.
Click here to find out how to download your own! 
Each student will have their own set by the end of the preschool year.

Pledge of Allegiance
We are still working on getting the correct hand over a place close to the heart.
So cute!  We may try to learn the sign language if I can get it down.  
I think it would help the students with the vocabulary.

Calendar Corner: 
  Days of the Week Song  & lyrics

Clementine Days of the Week lyrics

Circle Talk Time
We had to introduce the Talking Apple during rug time this week, since many students wanted to talk at the same time and interrupt others while they were talking.  We talked a little about listening to others and taking turns.  We try to raise our finger when we have something to share.  So, the person holding the talking apple was able to share what their Halloween costumes have been in the past and we shared what we want to be this year.  I shared pictures of our family's costumes from the past two years.

Name Poem
The kids LOVE this song.  We had 3 sick kids one day, so it was perfect.
We sang the beginnings and endings of each student's name while blending the isolated phonemes. :)

Story Board Story Time &  Number Concept

There were Ten in the Bed
Pattern for felt bears & bed
Each time one of the bears rolled out, 
as a group we counted those remaining and then continued with our song. 
Note: There are 11 bears on our bed, so we just took one out for this activity.

Five Little Pumpkins
{I will add this later since I didn't take any pictures!}

Question of the Day: How Do You Get to School?
We read the Poem of the Month and talked about transportation and how we get to school.

I realized after I uploaded the picture that the data is incorrect. We have only one student who rides her bike and 3 (including the teacher) that walk to school.

How Do You Get to School?

Letter C: 
We tried a new letter practice sheet from FUNdamentals, but I found a great book from The Mailbox called Letters for Little Learners that I think I will like the best.  {I'm not really impressed with this company - hard to navigate website that continually brings you back to try to sell you "secrets" about starting your own preschool.  I do like some things, but not their customer service. ")}  We'll begin using the Mailbox printables next week!

 We distinguished the letter Cs from other letters on the white board and practiced drawing them on the rug with our fingers.

 You can find other Letter Practice Sheets from Mother Goose Club

Word Work - Sort #4
Clothes Concept Sort -What we wear on our feet, hands, heads & bodies - with an oddball - scarf - since it didn't fit into any of the categories and it was alone.

 This week, each student was able to sort their own set of cards with a partner and they did great!
We did forget to read our poem, so if you have a chance, go ahead and do it at home!

Nursery Rhyme: 

We decided to work on this rhyme two weeks in a row,
since we didn't spend too much time on it last week.

  Color: Red - Art Project
Since our cutting activity from September, Week 2 was such a big hit, I decided to let the students prepare the torn paper for our art project.  They loved it!  Those who weren't as proficient at cutting chose to tear some of their papers for the project, which was a fabulous alternative.  They all got some cutting practice in first.  Each student was given a piece of red copy paper and and spent some time cutting it up.  There were many wonderful pieces of cut paper. :)  I inspected many upon request.

We are making a Brown Bear, Brown Bear page each month to correspond with the color that we are studying.  This month we focused on red, so we made a red bird collage.

Free Explore
Pattern Blocks
The Melissa & Doug beginner pattern blocks are a huge hit!  It's fun for little hands to be able to create a picture using blocks and be able to choose what kind of picture to create.  The triangles give us a little trouble, but we are getting better!

We also have our new Ikea stool with storage that the kids love!  We store the chalk and the erasers for our chalkboard in the seat, so they are available when the kids want to be little artists.  I also found some art smocks {okay, they are really bibs from Ikea, but they have worked great so far}.  The kids put on their Chalk Smock so they don't get chalk dust all over their shirts.  It also has a little pocket in the front to hold a favorite piece of chalk or an eraser.

Animal Matching Game
We actually played this game the second week of school, but I neglected to add it to the bog post.  It will show up as a free play activity next week.  I found an animal matching game over at Oopsey-Daisy and made it by recycling my nephew's baby food jar lids. Make your own game here!

Word Family Chunk

Read Aloud
We read this fun little book since we are getting excited for October to be here!  We talked a little bit about emotions and how he was so sad that he couldn't say Boo!  But, he was able to rhyme and met other animals that could say words that rhymed with "Boo" (Whoo like an owl, Moo like a cow, Coo like a dove, and then Boo Hoo like the mocking bat.  We will work on another rhyming word and add our own page to the book next week!

Thinking Chair
Our thinking chair also made its appearance this week, but hasn't been used much at all.
And mostly just by my own children. :)  We have a little chair in the hall that students can sit on if they need to think about a choice or a decision they made that affected someone else in a negative way.
One of my cute students kept asking if she could go sit in the thinking chair when we first got it.  I didn't tell her that it was supposed to be a punishment.  When I asked her why she wanted to sit in it, she mentioned that she wanted to think about the new Barbie house she got for her birthday.  Too cute!

Clean Up

Clean Up Song 
Lyrics,  MP3

Goodbye Song
So Long Now
Song #50

UPDATE: Forgot to include this activity that we did!  We used the Piggy Penny Math Mat & rolled a die and placed that number of pennies on our piggy mat.

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