Friday, September 24, 2010

{september: week three}

 Each week builds on the previous, so I will leave the links from the week before if they apply.

Good Morning Song

Pledge of Allegiance

Print here.

Calendar Corner: 
What's the Weather and Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow 

  Days of the Week Song  & lyrics

We added a new song this week

Clementine Days of the Week lyrics

Name Poem
The kids LOVE this song.  We had 3 sick kids one day, so it was perfect.
We sang the beginnings and endings of each student's name while blending the isolated phonemes. :)

Color Assessment
Fall Assessment of Colors
Pattern for felt bears & bed
I assessed each student on color recognition and almost all of the kids could identify each color!
One of my little girls likes to be silly and grabs the wrong color each time.  Looks like I need to spend some homework time working with my little girl. :)

Letter B: 

 We talked about the lines & the curves in the letter B and how to draw them.  We worked together on our whiteboard first, then tried on our own - with a little help from the teacher!

 Letter Practice Sheet from Mother Goose Club

Word Work - Sort #3
 This week, each student was able to sort their own set of cards and they did great!

Nursery Rhyme: 

  Color: Red
 Worksheet & Itsy Book

Shapes: Circles
Itsy Book

 Number Concept
We worked on the concept of the number one this week.  We showed one finger, added one pom pom to our counting jar, and noticed the things in our classroom that we have one of.

Free Explore
 The kids had a few stations to choose from, and the car play mat was one of them.  Make your own!

Word Family Chunk

Autumn Activity
I found an idea on the Internet & made my own book that my students could add leaves to.
We went on a nature walk {which they loved} and found the four different colors of leaves that we talked about.  Then we practiced our poem while we waited for parents!


My Leaf Book
Clean Up

Clean Up Song 
Lyrics,  MP3

Goodbye Song
So Long Now
Song #50

Ideas for home: Play with Bubbles, find all the items you can that begin with B as well as some extras and sort the items that begin with B and those that do not.

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