Friday, September 17, 2010

{september: week two}

 Each week builds on the previous, so I will leave the links from the week before if they apply.

Good Morning Song

Calendar Corner: 
What's the Weather & Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow 
I paid $10.00 to get some ABC themed printables and ideas and my greatest find in the PDF download was the calendar "accessories."  You can search for them for free, but I wanted to download everything at once. 
  Days of the Week Song

Story Time
Reinforcement of Days of the Week & Story Retell
Find this book at
Felt Storyboard  - I laminated the pieces with Contact paper & added velcro to the backs of the pictures.
I am going to print another smaller caterpillar and leaf and make an egg, since the hatching of the egg at the beginning is the part my girls' love to repeat with much gusto!
Print your own by following this link.
Letter A: 

 We talked about the lines in the letter A and how to draw them.  We worked together on our whiteboard first, then tried on our own - with a little help from the teacher!

 Letter Practice Sheet from Mother Goose Club

Word Work - Sort #3
Animal/Not an Animal
Nursery Rhyme: 
Here is an MP3 of the song, though we sing to a different version.

We decided to work on this rhyme two weeks in a row,
since we didn't spend too much time on it last week.

Story Retell
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Puppet Patterns in Black & White or Color
 Number Concept
Zero -Talked about it and practiced drawing it on the whiteboard.
Zero, the Hero, will make his appearance next week!
Here is the song we will learn part of.

Free Explore
 The kids had a few stations to choose from, and the dinosaur play mat was one of them.
Click the link to make your own!

Word Family Chunk

We made a word wheel this week to reinforce the -at sound.  My source for the Word Wheel is LakeshoreLearning.Com, but I can't find the direct link.  I'll add it when I can find it!  Otherwise, email me & I will share.

Fine Motor Skills: Cutting with Scissors
Search Page for Letter A Scissor Skills Practice:
My students loved this activity so much that they had to take all the pieces they had cut up home in their backpacks. Sorry parents!  They were just so excited!

Clean Up

Clean Up Song 
Lyrics,  MP3

Goodbye Song
So Long Now
Song #50

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