Friday, March 18, 2011

{march: week three}

Some Preschool Tidbits from this week:

Holiday Celebrated This Week: St. Patrick's Day

Graphing Lucky Charms {categorizing, counting & answering questions}
This idea was taken from the Education Center.  I couldn't find the Mailbox link, but I originally found the link on Little Giraffes dot com. Click here to download the Mailbox page.   Also, check out Oopsey Daisy's Mommy School Packet where she has included a link to another graph. {I like to think I am organized, but I could not find the Lucky Charms graph in my files that I made years ago for my fourth graders.  So, I made new ones based on versions I searched for on the Internet.  The ones I found were not age appropriate for preschoolers, so I made them simpler.  I made 2 versions - a graphing page where the teacher can help read and answer the questions and a sorting page where younger kids (like my two 2-1/2-year-old girls could succeed at) as well as get help from an older person. We colored our pictures first, then graphed or sorted our marshmallows.  Then we answered the questions & ate our lucky treat! }

Peeking at a Pot of Gold {Tracing & Colors of the Rainbow}This idea was taken from the Education Center's Mailbox Magazine, Feb./Mar. 2011 {Each student traced the lines of the rainbow and we colored each arch of the rainbow in the order it appears in nature.  Students then glued cotton balls on their cloud to make it puffy & added orange glitter to the pot of gold.

Equal Amounts {Matching amounts}
This idea was taken from the Education Center's The Mailbox Magazine, February/March 2007, p. 184
{Using mini Ritz Bits crackers for gold coins, students place gold coins on each leprechaun, rearranging them until the amounts match.  You can customize any number you want your students to work on by adding the total amount of coins to a container for each child.}

Five Little Shamrocks {Holiday Counting Song}
This idea was taken from the Education Center's The Mailbox Preschool Yearbook 2006-2007, p.137 {Another song using the number FIVE where you can insert student names into each verse and let them participate in removing the shamrocks as you all sing.}

Pot O' Gold Math Mat {One-to-one matching and counting up to 6}
This idea was taken from  Making Learning Fun. {Roll the die and add the same number of gold coins onto your math mat, one per pot.  Younger kids can add coind to each pot working on beginning one to one matching.}

Shamrock Match {Holiday shape game - using hearts to create shamrocks}
This idea was taken from the Education Center's Circle Time from A to Z. {Add heart shapes to form 3-leaf clovers using outline page.  Four-leafed clovers could also be made without using the page.}

We had a lot of fun singing the songs that were included in Oopsey Daisy's G is for Green Mommy School packet on pages 7 & 8.

Color of the Month: Blue

Shape of the Month:  Rhombus
Number of the Week: 11

Letter of the Week: X

Handwriting Practice: X
Our marker finally gave out this week!  We'll have a new one ready for next week! :)

Getting to Know the letter

Is it an X? {Letter Recognition}
This idea was taken from the Education Center's Circle Time from A to Z. {Simple, but fun game:  If the teacher shows the class a letter card with an X on it, the class answers, "Yes, it's an X!" to "Is it an Z?" then they cross their arms, forming the letter X. If tnot, they say, "No!"}

Lift and Look {Letter Identification}
This idea was taken from the Education Center's Circle Time from A to Z. {Students choose a Post-it note to remove and if there is an X, the class makes an x with their fingers or arms.  I printed it on yellow, and that was too light - you could see through the Post-it note.  So, it should work much better if you print your copy on a darker sheet of card stock.  All the the letters are x, so the kids thought it was fun that there were no odd letters included.}

Nursery Rhyme: Little Bo Peep
High Frequency Word:
Words Their Way: Selection 4: 
My Family Sits on the Bed
{My students enjoyed this sentence match-up this week.  It was easy to remember and easy to put the pictures in order.  The older kids were able to determine the correct words to switch out based on the beginning letter and the word they were expecting next.} Registered & Protected


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