Friday, September 9, 2011

Classroom Library Book Labels

My plan for this weekend is to begin labeling all of the books that I have in my preschool classroom.  I won't even make a dent in my entire collection since most of them are still in storage, but I am hoping that my hubby will bring me home a box or two each week so I can get everything over to our school room and I will have full access to my stuff!  I have been going to the library to check out books that I know I have, but need to locate.  

Leave a comment if you notice I need to include a category.  Some others on my list that I need to find clipart for are: colors, animals, shapes, the 4 seasons, Chanukah, Guided Reading, Community Workers, Geography & All About Me.

After I get them all labeled I will also be making larger labels for the bins the books will be in so the kids will know where to find a certain category: for example I will for sure be getting all the Halloween and ABC books organized since Halloween is just around the corner and ABC books are a favorite in Preschool!
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