Friday, September 9, 2011

{our new classroom}

Ms. Carlie is so excited to have the preschool make so much progress in such a little amount of time!  We moved into our little farm house in May, but all summer long we have been working on remodeling various rooms and the preschool became a storage room.

A week before preschool started my handy husband painted the very unpretty wood paneled walls white {since I couldn't commit to a color} and the Wednesday before he stayed up late & installed the laminate flooring.  He has since added the trim, a new window and a nice A/C unit to cool our room down in the afternoon.

We still have plans to add a window to the front door and a little kid-sized bathroom in the room.  And I will be working on planning what I will be teaching my wonderful students as well as filtering through my 10 years of teaching materials to see what I can use for preschool.

This is the car rug corner with the book nook behind

Student cubbies & coat rack
Entry - we will soon have a window in the door so we can see when parents arrive.

Future restroom - can't wait for this!

Overview of classroom
View of book nook, teacher's desk & calendar corner

Supply station - where we store our pencils & crayons
Student tables

Teacher's Desk
Art Center

Book Nook

Car Rug Registered & Protected



  1. Carlie, The room turned out great. I almost wish I had a preschooler.

  2. Thanks Suzanne! Trent is amazing. That would be fun. :)