Friday, September 9, 2011

{letter a} games & activities

song & dance
I haven't typed up the directions for any of my games yet.  I might try to watch Wuthering Heights a few times in a row one night & knock them all out in one evening. :)  This one is pretty self-explanatory: each child receives an "A" card and we all sing the song and perform the actions.  It's nice to get up and move while we learn!
"I hold it by my nose . . ."

gathering acorns
Have two baskets labeled with an uppercase and a lowercase letter.  Repeat the rhyme, "Little squirrels, look around. Find an acorn on the ground."  My afternoon students really took the role of squirrel serious.  The stopped talking to me and stayed in character even when it wasn't their turn. :)

picking apples
Students are supposed to pick apples off the tree.  If the letter is an "A" the student places it in the "apple basket."  If not, it goes outside the basket.  We played it with the apples upside down so the students were not able to see the letter beforehand.  You could also play it with the apples showing and recite the rhyme: "Apples, apples, Look and see.  pick an A from the tree." Registered & Protected


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