Saturday, September 17, 2011

{letter c} games & activities

Tray of Cookies {Beginning Sound}
Choose a cookie that begins with the /k/ sound.

Cucumber Picking {Letter Recognition}
Choose the letter "C" off the vine.

Carrot Patch {Uppercase & Lowercase}
Choose a carrot & place it in the correct basket.

Hungry Cats {Letter Formation}
Place your kitty at the beginning of the letter C.

Your kitty travels on the path to get to the bowl of food.

A student rings a bell and calls "Here kitty, kitty" to prompt other students to feed their kitties.

{I don't have any printables this week.  My external hard drive is acting up, so I can't get any of my documents printed off.  I will update it once I am able - crossing my fingers it's only a temporary glitch! UPDATE: I was able to get my files this morning, thank goodness!  Enjoy!} Registered & Protected


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