Saturday, September 17, 2011

{the very hungry caterpillar}

We only have three copies of this book {at least} and none of them were to be found in our house in time to use for preschool story time.  Thank goodness for YouTube. :)  My girls used to watch this video over and over when they were little and my preschoolers really seemed to enjoy the movie version of the book.

This is my storyboard that I printed last year.  Print your own here.  I noticed that the story needs a big fat caterpillar and a leaf with an egg on it.  I also made a mini-version of the story to help me in my retell so I didn't forget certain details. Mostly, because I didn't have the book to refer to as the class retold the story.

Later in the day, we talked about the story again and worked on our Very Hungry Caterpillar Graph, complete with colorful hole reinforcers.  The colors that I didn't have with the holes already made were easily creatd using dot stickers punched using a hole punch.

We also made our own caterpillar to take home.  When I made this caterpillar, I had originally intended to punch a hole through the center and insert a pencil to add stability, but the hold punch didn't reach and we liked how they turned out so we left out the pencil. So . . . ignore the "hole" at the top of each template. Registered & Protected


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